We are creatively unique, adventurous and curious researchers/investigators looking to prove the existence of another world beyond ours


The Crew is officially a Paranologies Focus Group!

We are happy to announce that as of today we are officially one of Paranologies’ Focus Groups!  Our partnership with Paranologies is unsurpassed!  Please take a moment to head over to their website, look around the site and check out the awesome selection of equipment they make.  You may purchase their equipment straight from their website or look them up on eBay.  We highly recommend their products and are proud to be Powered by Paranologies!



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Changing Up the Format of D&S Live

We are proud to announce that we will be changing up the format of our show, D&S Live, which airs on PEN Wednesday nights at 10 pm EST/9 pm CST.  Beginning in July we will broadcast LIVE from a location prior to our investigation of it.  We hope to bring more interactiveness to our show and connect with you, our viewers.  In addition we will be slowly adapting our current format from a one hour guest interview to a 30 minute guest interview allowing us some time to bring you a peek at our current findings and bring everyone up to speed on what the Crew is up to.  We hope you enjoy the new format of our show and welcome any feedback!

What’s the Crew Been Up To?

Since forming the team in March, Deegan and Sheri have been working on scheduling investigations, helping local homeowners, attending conferences and seminars, creating an equipment wish list and purchasing items from this list for the team’s arsenal, and mostly conducting their internet TV show, D&S Live.  The Crew is excited about getting their thermal camera next month and picking up some great items from Paranologies they just purchased.  Won’t be long and evidence review will be a little easier to conduct and posting our findings will come quickly after an investigation.

Keep up with us here and interact with us on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/dsparanormalcrew.


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D&S Paranormal Crew

D&S Paranormal Crew is based out of Dallas, Texas and was founded in March 2013 by Deegan Hodges and Sheri Collins. As two of the former founding members of another local team, Deegan and Sheri decided to take the qualities in which that previous team was founded on of being committed to learning, teaching, experimenting and growing to the next level and apply them to their new team. In so doing, the couple formed a team dedicated to more individual experimentation by applying a formal hypothesis to each investigation, thoroughly documenting the investigation as it applies to the hypothesis, and using ‘old school techniques’ as well as modern day equipment and methods in their paranormal investigations. They brought along two young adult investigators, Michele Sutherland and Zachary Bybee, to assist them in their investigations and to give a new twist to the investigations from a younger perspective. Together these four will step out and begin investigating local cemeteries, commercial locations, private residences and businesses, as well as well-known paranormally active locations while putting a D&S spin to their experiments. All four have been involved with previous teams prior to forming D&S Paranormal Crew and both young adults have been with Sheri on previous teams investigating the paranormal for three years.

D&S Paranormal Crew prides themselves on being creatively unique, paranormally adventurous and curious researchers looking to prove the existence of another world beyond ours. Their mission is to prove that as researchers they can develop new and unique ways to capture evidence using fewer investigators, various forms of experimentation, and a variety of equipment while trying to develop a theory or hypothesis of a location to be proven or disproven upon investigating it. Their goal is to lead their young adult investigators to becoming curious researchers themselves while fine-tuning their skills. D&S Paranormal Crew enjoys investigating with other individuals and teams in an effort to expand not only their own personal paranormal experiences but to learn from others while also teaching them methods they have learned or developed. D&S Paranormal Crew are one of the few teams in Texas that have young adult investigators. They train side-by-side with Deegan and Sheri working on developing their investigative techniques and research techniques while coming up with their own experiments to try that they have either thought up, heard about or seen performed by follow investigators in the field.